The Japanese Society for the Study on Teacher Education



The Statutes of The Japanese Society for the Study on Teacher Education

Enacted on 30 August 1991 
Amended on 30 October 1993
Amended on 24 October 1998


§ 1 The name of the society is 'The Japanese Society for the Study on Teacher Education' (hereinafter called 'the Society').



§ 2 The Society shall pay high respect to academic freedom. The Society shall foster and facilitate researches in the field of teacher education.



§ 3 To achieve the aims enacted in §2, the Society shall
a)hold Conferences,
b)arrange Study Groups,
c)associate with academic societies and research bodies both in Japan and overseas,
d)edit and publish an Annual Bulletin and newsletters,
e)carry out other activities which the Board of Directors recognize as necessary.



§ 4 (1)The Society shall be composed of individuals who study or are interested in teacher education and approve §2.

  1. The Board of Directors shall admit any person as a member who makes an application to the secretariat with the recommendation of no less than one member.
  2. A member shall pay admission fee and annual subscription.
  3. The Board of Directors may regard any member as having withdrawn from the Society when he/she is delinquent in paying his/her subscription for three years.



§ 5 The executives of the Society shall be the President (the chief director), the directors and two auditors.


The election of executives

§ 6 (1)The President and directors shall be elected by members in accordance with the provisions specified elsewhere.For the development of inter-disciplinary research or to get directors of balanced major fields of study,there may be directors recommended by the Board of Directors.

  1. The auditors shall be recommended by the President and approved by the General Meeting.
  2. The President, directors and auditors shall hold office for three years.They shall be eligible for re-election.
    The term of office starts on the second day after the day when they are approved by the Annul General Meeting,and ends on the final day of the Annual Conference three years after.
  3. The Secretary General and standing directors shall be elected from among the  directors, and be approved by the General Meeting.


The functions and powers of the executives

§ 7.(1)The President shall represent the Society and preside over the Board of Directors.

  1. The directors shall compose the Board of Directors and plan and carry out the activities of the Society.
  2. The auditors shall audit the accounts and management of activities.



§ 8 (1)The Society shall have a secretariat.

  1. The secretariat shall be comprised of the Secretary General, standing directors and secretary and managers commissioned by the Board of Directors.


General Meeting

§ 9 (1)The General Meeting shall be comprised of the members of the Society and will discuss and determine the organizational and managerial matters of the Society.

  1. The President shall call the Annual General Meeting once a year.
  2. The President must convene Special General Meetings either upon the order of the Board of Directors or upon request from one-thirds or more of the Society members.


Trust of voting rights at the General Meeting

§10 Any member who doesn't attend the General Meeting may entrust his/her vote to another attending member in accordance with the form prescribed by the Board of Directors.



§11 (1)The Society shall be funded by subscription and other incomes.

  1. The annual subscription shall be 7,000 yen (with Journal). The admission fee shall be 1,000 yen.
  2. The financial year of the Society shall start 1 April and end 31 March of the following year.


Amendment of the Statutes

§12 To amend these Statutes, the assent of two-thirds or more of the attending members at the General Meeting shall be required.


Additional statutes

  1. These Statutes shall be in force from 30 August 1991.
  2. Anyone who comes under § 4(1) and makes application at the Inaugural General Meeting shall be admitted to membership, despite of § 4(2).
  3. Despite of § 6, the initial officers of the Society shall be appointed with the approval of the Inaugural General Meeting.


Additional statutes (on 30 October 1993)

These Statutes shall be in force from 1 April 1994.


Additional statutes(on 24 October 1998)

These Statutes shall be in force from 24 October 1994.












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